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GoStream Deck - Your Ultimate Live Streaming and Video Production Solution

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Neidich
GoStream Deck First Looks

In comparison to the Roland VH-1, the device is better in several ways including a PC application to control device remotely as well as using Companion. A good upgrade would be to make the still image inputs have input source selection for at least video or more line the Aux input type.

Kulraj Singh
Love it

Great deck a lot better than the competition, my only issue is how hot it gets.

John Grifiths
I love this thing

Anyone investing in their livestream needs one of these.

Get all the devices off your computer’s USB bus and take so much stress out of the process of going live.

Setup is challenging but once it’s configured it runs on rails.

The little engine that could!

I carefully read the specs on the Go-Stream Deck before ordering one but figured at under $300 what's to lose? It is an amazing little broadcast TV control room in a device smaller than half a PC keyboard! Exceptionally well designed with most of the features of a small market TV station master control room of the 1990's! Its only missing video monitors and remote CCU's. It has built-in play out and record capability. No need for a film island or slide projector as you can load graphics and other superimposition elements. The HDMI I/O works flawlessly as does the analog audio inputs which have built in delay lines for lip-sync with the digital video sources. Yup, it has its own audio mixer built in. If you don't see a pushbutton control feature, you can create one with the macro buttons. For example, I added two buttons to instantly switch one of the HDMI outputs to multi-view or program out. When hauling equipment to a live remote, it eliminates the need for a second monitor when you want to more closely look at image quality and composition. Some of the issues others have mentioned have been fixed in the latest firmware updates.

I'm always impressed by a company willing to provide free feature updates and bug fixes in a timely manner.

In the 1980's the equipment required to enable these control room features would have easily cost over $100,000. We are truly in the golden age of modern digital electronics.

My only immediate concern is the temperature of the bottom of the unit which appears to be a heatsink. You might want to add an aluminum heat spreader plate to its base.

Awesome product

Nice companion for my live

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