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Lilmon 5 5.5inch 1000nits Touch 4K HDMI On-camera Monitor Kit

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Nailing Frame

Lilmon 5 supports all Aspect ratios used in

current capture formats, accommodates

different Anamorphic lenses with flexible

de-squeeze scaling, and provides framing

checking tools like one-third rule Crosshatch,

Safe area and Center.

Nailing Exposure

With Arri-style False Color tools supporting

numerous camera gamma curves, precise

exposure control is possible for various

camera manufacturers, and custom false

color can also be defined by lighting masters.

The monitor includes an HD quality Waveform

with adjustable density and a nits-based scale,

enabling easy luma and color waveform checking

similar to Davinci Resolve. Additional tools like Zebra,

Vector Scope and Histogram are also provided.

Nailing Focus

The Peaking feature assists in focusing by

increasing the image's "sharpness" to

exaggerate contrast. It offers 10 levels of

sharpness adjustment for clear visibility.

The zoom function allows for magnification

from 1x to 4x with precise 0.1 steps, facilitating

focus checking on different parts of the image.

Focus Assist marks areas in focus with different

colors such as blue, red, and green, and the

image can be switched to black and white for

better visibility of the marks if needed.

Nailing Look

The De-log feature applies a standard color

grade for different camera LOG/HDR profiles,

while the User LUT function enables custom

color grading on the signal. Up to 10 user LUTs

can be uploaded to the monitor via an SD card.

Lilmon 5 also supports User LUT intensity adjustment

for precise control over the desired look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ken Cheney
It’s a great device for the price!

I’d really, really like to have a user manual or user guide. Otherwise, the unit is great!

Nicholas Gonzalez
Best Bang For The Buck Monitor of 2023

The picture quality and brightness are outstanding. The interface is far more user-friendly than the Atmos Shinobi series and rivals Smart HD's entry line. For the price, there's nothing better.

Muhammad Aatiq Syed
VERY very nice!!

I’m LOVING the Lilmon 5, it feels and works like a much much more expensive monitor. The quality of the functions and operating system is great and very intuitive. The colours are superb and accurate. Would recommend to anyone and everyone, especially since the price is so affordable for how much you get!

Jace Tan
Nice bright color accurate 5.5 inch monitor

The Osee Lilmon 5.5 inch monitor is the ideal monitor to have. It ticks all the category especially the most important one - color accuracy.

It’s 1000 nits and it’s clear under outdoors.

Instead of a cloth, I wish that it gives us a screen protector instead.

Filip Zamec
Amazing monitor for the money

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing monitor.

It has really good colors, high brightness and for your first touch screen - it's really very intuitive. Good work.
I'm really happy that I can use this monitor even for 4k60 footage, which is impossible with other cheap monitors.
It has everything I need. Thank you.

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