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Firmware Download

Welcome to the firmware download page, we know it's important to keep up with the latest firmware.

For newer models, you can scroll down this page and download the file from "Download Directly" section.

For older models, you need to check your serial number in the table below to see if your monitor's firmware is the latest. If your firmware is not the latest and want to update, please send an e-mail to with title "Firmware Upgrade + Model + Serial Number + Current Firmware Version" (example: Firmware Upgrade + T5 + T54K07E3400538 + 0012.0003) to get the latest firmware.

Model Serial Number Range Latest Firmware Version
T5 ~ T5 4K 07E6403003 0015.0003
T5 4K 07E6503004 ~ T5 4K 07E6604255 0015.0005
T7 ~ T7 4K 07E5801172 0006.0003
T7 4K 07E5801182 ~ T7 4K 07E6501490

T74KHL AA2280001 ~

See "Download Directly" Section Below

G7 ~ G7 4K 07E5801059 0009.0003
G7 4K 07E5801103 ~ G7 4K 07E5801248

G7 4K 07E6501249 ~ G7 4K 07E6501547

G74KHL AA2280001 ~

See "Download Directly" Section Below

Megamon 15 MEGAMON15ID00001~ 0008.0005
MEGA15 AA22A0001~ See "Download Directly" Section Below
LCM215-HDR+ ~ LCM2152021121500 0012.0004

LCM21H AA2290001~
LCM21H AA22B0174~LCM21H AA22B0323

LCM21H AA22C0327~LCM21H AA22C0413

LCM21H AA2310414~

Supports Latest Osee Calibrator Software

See "Download Directly" Section Below

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