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GoStream Deck/Duet Firmware

To have a better user experience, we highly recommend updating to the newest version of your GoStream Deck.Please Read How To Update Firmware Part Below before Updating❗️❗️

For further information and troubleshooting,please contact us at 📩
or join our Facebook group: Osee GoStream Deck User Group. 👥

Historical Release Notes

V2.1.0 Release Note

1. The GoStream Deck&Duet can be controlled via PC software ( Need to download and install the PC software: GoStream).
2. The GoStream Deck&Duet can be controlled via Bitfocus Companion ( Need to download and install the Companion Plugin).
3. Macros can now log changes of Src Selection.
4. Added Japanese menu.
5. SSD can be used as playback and recording storage, SSDs must meet at least the v30 standard (read>100MB/s, Write>60MB/s).
6. The mobile phone can be used as a hotspot for internet connection via the USB 2 port of the GoStream device.
7. The signle to HDMI 2 output can be selected like the HDMI 1 output.
8. Now, you can create groups through the GoStream PC to play videos in groups.
9. Add 'Device Name' item for GoStream PC to distinguish between devices.

V2.0.0 Release Note

1. Improve the video quality of UVC output.
2. Improve the audio-video delay to an acceptable value (less than audible 100ms) for 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60 frame rate output.
3. Add the function of group video: Now the playback videos list can group videos.
4. Add a playback progressing bar.
5. Add a new feature: audio switching with a cross-dissolve effect.
6. Modify the configuration method of custom stream ingestion.
7. Reverse the default PGM and PVW window position settings in multi-view.
8. Add the 23.98, 29.97, 59.94 frame rate on the output.
9. Modify the system file folders in the SD Card.

V1.0.5 Release Note:

1. Add capabilities for NDI|HX reception.
2. Enabled streaming to Microsoft Teams software.
3. Improved compatibility with MAC OS via USB.
4. Addressed and resolved several known bugs.

V1.0.4 Release Note:

1. Add new customizable RTMP streaming.
2. Improve the audio quality of streaming out.
3. Improve the compatibility of recorded MP4 file.
4. Improve the USB hot plug stability on USB 2 (UVC) port.

V1.0.3 Release Note:

1. Fixed the issue of occasional out of synchronization problems between video and audioin long-duration recorded video material to the SD card.
2. Fixed the issue of occasional abnormal audio in recordedvideo materials.
3. Enhanced the video recording capability that allows the frame rate of recorded videosto match the output frame-rate set by the GoStream Deck.
4. Fixed the issue of out-of-sync streaming.

V1.0.2 Release Note:

New features:
Added the function to reset the device to its default settings and restart it bylong-pressing the left audio knob for 3 seconds.
1. Default video output format was changed from 1080p30 to 1080p60, thisfixed the issue of some monitors displaying nothing when connected with GoStream Deck.
2. Fixed the issue of video range settings.
3. Fixed the issue of not displaying after some monitors restart or reset resolution.

V1.0.1 Release Note:

New features:
1. Added the function to select language between Chinese and English.
2. Added macro’s recording range (color, mask, fader, balance, input).
1. Fixed the issue of getting stuck when switching to the next file during sequentialplayback.
2. Fixed the issue of image jitter when connecting UVC output to macOS at P24 and P25.
3. Fixed the issue of abnormal grayscale display when connecting UVC output to macOS via Photo Booth or OBS.
4. Fixed the issue of program freezing when removing the SD card while playing videos insequential order from the SD card.
5. Fixed the issue of ineffectiveness when modifying the configuration of Mask 2 underSuper Source.
6. Fixed the issue of having audio but no video when inputting 4K resolution video.
7. Fixed the issue of occasionally not detecting audio input.
8. Fixed the issue of audio table that occurs when re-upgrading after an interrupted upgrade (at 60% progress).

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