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Firmware Download

The following are the latest firmware versions for each on-camera monitor model, please check your monitor's latest firmware version based on your monitor's serial number:

Model Serial Number Range Latest Firmware Version
T5 ~ T5 4K 07E6403003 0015.0003
T5 4K 07E6503004 ~ T5 4K 07E6604255 0015.0005
T7 ~ T7 4K 07E5801172 0006.0003
T7 4K 07E5801182 ~ T7 4K 07E6501490

T74KHL AA2280001 ~ T74KHL AA2280611
G7 ~ G7 4K 07E5801059 0009.0003
G7 4K 07E5801103 ~ G7 4K 07E5801248

G7 4K 07E6501249 ~ G7 4K 07E6501547

G74KHL AA2280001 ~ G74KHL AA2280310

If your firmware is not the latest and want to update, please send an e-mail to with title "Firmware Upgrade + Model + Serial Number + Current Firmware Version" (example: Firmware Upgrade + T5 + T54K07E3400538 + 0012.0003) to get the latest firmware.

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