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GoStream Deck/Duet

To have a better user experience, we highly recommend updating to the newest version of your GoStream Deck.
Please Read How To Update Firmware Part Below before Updating❗️❗️

For further information and troubleshooting,
please contact us at 📩
or join our Facebook group: Osee GoStream Deck User Group. 👥

Firmware v2.1.2 Release Note:

1. Fix an issue that the left and right channels of the MIC input audio were reversed.
2. Add a prompt pop-up window: when the SD card is not in exFat format.
3. Add a new layout of multiview. ‘Menu > Setting > mv layout > Input Window Layout’.
4. Increase operating time for machine reset, now you need to long press the audio knob for 5s to reset the device.

Historical Release Versions

GoStream PC for MAC v1.1.0

GoStream PC for Win v1.1.0

Release Note:
1. Optimize UI design.
2. Add a UI based streaming platform editing tool to help your modify the streaming file XML file.
3. Added some shortcut buttons.



NDI functionality is available since V1.0.5, license can be purchased here.

We will be upgrading GoStream Deck with more new features in the future. Please stay tuned for further updates from us.

How to Update Firmware

  • Prepare a SD Card formatted as FAT32, and download the newest file. Unzip the download file and then copy both .bin and .md5 files in the root directory of the SD card; Insert the SD Card into the GoStream Deck.
  • Turn on the GoStream Deck, and the device will start upgrading.
  • Then you will see buttons in the PGM&PVW BUS turn on the red light.
  • Wait a few minutes until all the lights turn green. Once the lights are green, the device will reboot, indicating that your device has been successfully upgraded.
  • To verify whether the firmware update was successfully completed, navigate to the main menu and check the version information.
  • If the monitor does not display the HDMI output signal after updating, please perform a hardware reset. The reset operation is to press and hold the volume adjustment button for 5 seconds.

On-camera Monitors

5-7inch camera top monitors


Production Monitors

On-stand/desk field monitors


GoStream Deck Switcher

Live stream & video production



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