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GoStream Deck Firmware


To have a better user experience, we highly recommend updating to the newest version of your GoStream Deck.

Please read How to Update Firmware part below before updating!!!

For further information and
troubleshooting, please contact us at
or join our Facebook group: Osee GoStream Deck User Group.

We will be upgrading GoStream Deck with more new features in the future. Please stay tuned for further updates from us.


V1.0.3 Release Note:

1. Fixed the issue of occasional out of synchronization problems between video and audio in long-duration recorded video material to the SD card.

2.  Fixed the issue of occasional abnormal audio in recorded
video materials.

3.  Enhanced the video recording capability that allows the frame rate of recorded videos to match the output frame-rate set by the GoStream Deck.

4. Fixed the issue of out-of-sync streaming.


How to Update Firmware:

1. Prepare an SD Card, and download the newest file. Unzip the download file and then copy both .bin and .md5 files in the root directory of the SD card; Insert the SD Card into the GoStream Deck.

2. Turn on the GoStream Deck, and the device will start upgrading.

3. Then you will see buttons in the PGM&PVW BUS turn on the red light.

4. Wait a few minutes until all the lights turn green. Once the lights are green, the device will reboot, indicating that your device has been successfully upgraded.

5. To verify whether the firmware update was successfully completed, navigate to the main menu and check the version information.

6. If the monitor does not display the HDMI output signal after updating, please perform a hardware reset. The reset operation is to press and hold the volume adjustment button for 5 seconds.

You can also read how to update Gostream Deck firmware.pdf in the downloaded file OR watch this video.


Historical Release Notes


New features:

1. Added the function to reset the device to its default settings and restart it by long-pressing the left audio knob for 3 seconds.


1. Default video output format was changed from 1080p30 to 1080p60, this fixed the issue of some monitors displaying nothing when connected with GoStream Deck.

2. Fixed the issue of video range settings.

3. Fixed the issue of not displaying after some monitors restart or reset resolution.


New features:

1. Added the function to select language between Chinese and English.

2. Added macro’s recording range (color, mask, fader, balance, input).


1. Fixed the issue of getting stuck when switching to the next file during sequential

2. Fixed the issue of image jitter when connecting UVC output to macOS at P24 and P25.

3. Fixed the issue of abnormal grayscale display when connecting UVC output to macOS via Photo Booth or OBS.

4. Fixed the issue of program freezing when removing the SD card while playing videos in
sequential order from the SD card.

5. Fixed the issue of ineffectiveness when modifying the configuration of Mask 2 under
Super Source.

6. Fixed the issue of having audio but no video when inputting 4K resolution video.

7. Fixed the issue of occasionally not detecting audio input.

8. Fixed the issue of audio table that occurs when re-upgrading after an interrupted upgrade (at 60% progress).

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